New Patients

3020 Dental Associates, your Albany Park Dental Office, welcomes new patients of all ages.  Save time by downloading your New Patient Forms in PDF format and bringing your completed forms to your 1st appointment. These forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you need a copy of this software, Install Adobe Acrobat Reader Now.

Download and bring your completed forms to your 1st Appointment:
Patient Information Form
Medical History Form
Dental History Form
HIPAA Consent Form
Consent To Treatment Form

What will happen during my first appointment at 3020 Dental Associates?

Chicago dental office, Albany Park dental office, 3020 Dental AssociatesYour first visit will last approximately 1 hour at our dental office in Chicago. During that appointment we will review your dental and medical history, take x-rays and evaluate your mouth. We will also give you a tour of our Chicago dental office and review our office policies with you.  The dental team at 3020 Dental will begin by reviewing the medical, dental and patient registration data with you. You will receive a comprehensive dental exam, dental x-rays, a head and neck cancer screening, a periodontal evaluation and a baseline dental charting. You may receive a routine cleaning on your first appointment depending on your overall periodontal condition.  Dr. Reddy will discuss the current state of your dental health and outline your treatment planning options to complete any dental work you may need or cosmetic dentistry you may want.

For our younger patients:
Children will receive a complete examination, have their teeth cleaned, fluoride applied, and any necessary radiographs taken. A major emphasis will be placed on teaching them prevention, including proper home care and diet. We have a wonderful female dentist who will take excellent care of your child.   Dr. Sumita Bhargava, is committed to providing your children with a comforting and nurturing dental experience. We accept AllKids!

3020 Dental Associated is now accepting new patients.   Call  773-754-3900 or Schedule an Appointment today!